Monsters of Aegylas

NOTE: All these monsters are based on publicly available SRD stats, though they have been modified. No cheating by looking things up!

Aegylas is not a safe world. There are monsters. They are rarely near any settled Land, but that is less due to the fortune of the settled Lands and more due to the fact that where the monsters are, the Lands aren’t any more. Nevertheless, the monsters move, and change, and shift, and Aegylas shifts with them. Did the Gods place them here? Did they wander in from somewhere else? Were they birthed by the land itself?

Nobody knows. But you’ve been appointed to kill them.

Garanror’s name makes the earth tremble. His voices cause stillborn babies and curdling milk. Garanror’s shadow blocks out the Sun. Garanror is one, but many. Garanror devours.

Garanror is a giant, in the same sense that a castle is a house. He has nine heads and twenty-seven eyes, he stands taller than a mansion and is louder than a storm. He is impossible, a defiance of all rhyme and reason when it comes to size. What does he eat? Everything. When does he eat? Always. Mercifully, Garanror’s rampages are mostly limited to the bitter cold swamp that is his home, where he routinely catches manticores with his hands and swallows them whole. When he feels like sport, he clubs dragons and tears them apart for morsels. Garanror should not be. Garanror always hungers.

God-Bird is not a bird. It is possibly a god. God-Bird is a legend of the beautiful Azure Lake, in the deep forests, where strange tribes of men live who sing and dance and get overwhelmed by ecstasy in honor of God-Bird. God-Bird is feathered in emerald, its brow is beset by jewels. Like a peacock, it glitters. Like a storm, it destroys.

The song of God-Bird topples trees. The wings of God-Bird drive storms before them. The beak of God-Bird cuts through anything. It is majestic and beautiful, and it is unstoppable. Those who worship God-Bird fear it, but they also admire and love it. When it sheds feathers, they are worth far more than their weight in gold. God-Bird is holy, and God-Bird is death.

The Razor Queen
There once was a Land. It doesn’t really matter what it was like. It had a King, or a Queen, or a President, or some other person who considered themselves of some importance.

The Razor Queen killed him. She killed everyone. Perhaps a court-magician conjured her; perhaps she was a curse sent by one of the Gods. It didn’t matter to the people who lived there: The Razor Queen killed everyone, from the highest noble to the lowliest maid.

She sits on the throne in the castle, surrounded by a court of corpses impaled on spikes. Her skin is iron; her fingers are blades. Her eyes are fire, and mean certain death. She rarely leaves. She permits people to settle the outskirts of the Land, and sometimes, she kills the people living there. Just one or two. The rest, she lets live.

Perhaps she’s fattening them for the harvest.

Monsters of Aegylas

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