Conan Character Creation

Touched by the gods, you are strangers to Invassa and its strange men in silvered veils. You have come here in search of answers. You are not the only ones.


Slayers begin with 14 points in one Attribute and 7 in the others. You have 7 points to distribute in addition to this legendary Attribute. Optionally, you may lower on Attribute to 6 to receive 1 extra point.


Choose one of the following two Skill arrays:


(One skill at +4, two skills at +3, four skills at +2, and six skills at +1)



(One skill at +5, one skill at +4, two skills at +3, two skills at +2, and five skills at +1)

(For starting characters, Skill Expertise and Skill Focus are the same, so don’t worry about these details at this stage)


Choose up to five Talents for which you qualify. You don’t have to pick these at character creation but can fill them out later in the character creation process if you wish.


Pick a suitable caste for your character and record its inherent talents, as well as social standing. Do not bother with Caste Story, Trait, etc, unless you want to. Disregard Archetype.


Begin with the following:

Up to two weapons
One suit of armor or one set of high-status clothes (offering equipment bonus to certain social rolls)
Optionally, one shield

Any other miscellaneous equipment and tools that suits your character, such as books, scrolls, skinning knives, etc.

Conan Character Creation

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