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A God Unmade

The Desert of Towers. A vast and trackless place, where bands of wild men wage war for the crumbling remnants of an ancient realm, destroyed by the gods, destroyed, forgotten, and lost. Empire? Kingdom? World? Who can say what once stood here, buried now beneath the blasted sands.

Yet this land, too, has its stories. They call it Invassa, a place of desolation, of emptiness… and yet it is here the conquerors rise, in search of flesh and steel and blood for some enterprise – some empire – of their own. In the desert, a new tower stands. What has risen may fall. What has fallen may rise again.

What is the nature of a god?

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The World of Aegylas

Aegylas is too vast to be charted, to diverse to be explained. It is a world of a million stories. It has no map, no comprehensive history, not even a recognizable pantheon. Perhaps it isn’t even one world, but a multitude of worlds, joined by the ancient Roads that connect them. Who can say?

Yet a few things remain true of Aegylas. These are:

1. The Roads know no mercy, but they also never lie. The Roads will take you where you are going, or at least, where you were meant to be. There is no guarantee you will survive.

2. The Gods are fickle. They wear many names and many masks. They have human vices and inhuman ones, sometimes plain desires, sometimes incomprehensible motives. Even the gods of honesty and virtue mask themselves, as humble beggars, handsome boys, or awesome knights. There might be thousands of them – or there might just be one, wearing a multitude of faces. Nobody knows.

3. The Stories matter. Nothing lasts forever in Aegylas, but a single legend can shape an empire lasting for millennia. Pay heed to the Stories. You are already in one.

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