Heroes of Aegylas

These are the guidelines for creating your Hero of Aegylas.

Begin by reading the other entries on this Portal Рparticularly, the Lands of Aegylas, Stranger Lands of Aegylas and the Gods of Aegylas. Your Land gives a small bonus, on top of (sometimes instead of) your racial bonuses. Human is recommended; you may also play an elf, half-elf, half-orc, or dwarf, but these races come with certain strings attached. Maybe more strings than listed in their statistics.

This game uses the Mythic Tier rules. You start on Mythic Tier 1, which grants you the “Hard to Kill”, “Mythic Power” and “Surge” abilities. You furthermore gain other abilities based on your Mythic Path, listed in the link above.

One of the Gods of Aegylas has rewarded you, chosen you, or cursed you with their attention. This God determines your Mythic Path. It is also this God who has decreed the quest before you – to slay three of the most dangerous Monsters of Aegylas. It is never wise to deny a God their wishes. You should probably accept the quest, if you know what’s good for you.

Finally, as you are a hero, you may have already performed some great deed, worthy to be a Legend of Aegylas. This step is optional. If you write about one of the great deeds you have done in your past, you receive one bonus feat. This feat should be in some way thematically tied to your deed – for example, Improved Sunder is appropriate for a story of how you shattered a demonic sword. There are many Lands in Aegylas – your deed may well have taken place in some Land nobody else has ever heard of. It doesn’t matter. Aegylas remembers.

Thus you become a Slayer, and join forces with the other Slayers. To make sure the characters don’t overlap too much, please check out the Character Short-Form List page.


In a Slayers game run in BESM, characters are made with 500 points total. No more than 230 points may be put into Stats (i.e. the Stat average may not exceed 7). Attack and Defense values may be as low as 10 and as high as 15 (for extremely favored attack modes). No one Attribute may exceed 6 without GM’s explicit permission.

Heroes of Aegylas

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