Bound by Blood and Geas

Aegylas is a vast and savage world, a world without maps or charts but a multitude of legends. Weird and twisted city-states lie next to vast and sprawling empires, a world of a thousand heroes and a million stories. But some rise above others. Some draw the attention of the Gods – for better or for worse.

You are a champion. But you are also accursed. For whatever strange reason, the fickle and ill-trusted Gods have seen fit to make your their pawn – as punishment, or merely out of jealousy. They probably expect you to die. Perhaps you will.

This is the story of the Slayers, who would topple beasts of impossible legend.

See the Heroes of Aegylas and the Character Short-Form List page for character creation information.


Riklurt Gods banner HellKey Sydow Nallenon MrGreany Gabriehl